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question for BC area people

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hey guys and gals, Im a new member here, and I was wondering if theres anyone in the bc area that knows some good places to go off-roading?
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Accel and Westcoastie, Drive up to the BC GTG, in late May, in Squamish, details on this forum in the regional meets area. There is also another book, I think it's called Four wheeling in British Columbia, I can't find my copy right now, My Favourite is the West Harrison lake trail, it starts at Harrison Lake and you can take it all the way to Lilloet, and then to Whistler, there are hot springs and coves, lots of scenery, you can do all of it or a little of it. There's also Blowdown pass, North of here, and lots of stuff in Squamish. Jones Lake near Hope is another good one.

Here's the book;
it's called " the Four Wheeler's Companion, 3rd edition, by Mark Bostwick.
See Zedbra's post about the BC GTG, in the regional area.
Westcoastie, you can do the West Harrison in a day, and then loop down toWhistler and back to town on 99.
to find the trailhead, go towards Harrison Lake on highway 7, turn left at the Sasquatch Inn, Morris Valley toward Pioneer camp and Chelalis River campsite, continue past the Hemlock Valley turnoff towards wolf lake, and there you are, the first part is an easy unpaved section, 1/3 of the way up it gets a bit harder, but it's a gorgeous drive. Fill up just before the Sasquatch and take along a full fuel can just in case you explore some of the side trails.
Westcoastie, you won't be needing skids if you stay on the main road, if you take the other roads like to 5 mile bay, or up towards sloquet hotsprings you might need them. Plan on 5 or 6 hours for the trip to Lilooet, if you do it during the week watch out for logging trucks. Pack a lunch, and bring along rain gear if there is one cloud in the sky.
When do you plan on doing West Harrison? if it's a Sunday I might be persuaded to join you.
Sunday the 13th is good for the Wizard, Westcoastie, you don't need a license to drive in Richmond. I have heard that some Richmond families have one license that everybody uses.
How's Sunday the 20th?, or Monday the 21st? that's a Canadian long weekend. How about doing Squamish with Zedbra on the Sunday, and West harrison on the Monday?
Sunday the 20th is the BC GTG, in Squamish, see Zedbra's post.
Bring up what you got to the BC GTG, share your knowledge and ride right seat with one of us.
1 - 7 of 37 Posts
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