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Username: Q-Ball

Year: 2006

Make: Nissan

Model: Frontier

Trim: Nismo KC 6 speed

Color:Storm Grey

Mods:DIY 2" BL, Axle vent mod

Interior: Factory Dash Mount Nav modded to fit Garmin Nuvi 200 series, Cut shifter 1.5"-2", Kenwood KDC-x792 H/U, Memphis M-class 6.5" components in front doors, Memphis M-class 6.5" coax in rear doors, Memphis M-class 75x4 amp & Memphis M-series 500 D-class amp (both under drivers seat, 2 Kicker L7 8" moofers behind the drivers seat in a $hitty huge box<--new box coming!

Exterior: Herculined fender flares and rocker panels, stick on vent shades<-SUCK!!!, western PA pinstripes, a few strategically places dents in the tailgate, OEM bug shield, trimmed wheel wells alittle

Drivetrain:Stock Nismo w/ M226 w/ locker

Suspension & Tires: OEM Bilstein's, PRG "style" adjustable shackles, ready-lift spacer 2.5", minor fender trimming, National Commando 285/75-16's, 1.5" wheel spacers all around

Armor: Factory (for now)

Performance: home made intake

Gear and Other: 3D Maglite in drivers door, First Aid Kit under passenger seat, 6 ratchet tie-downs, 3 million candle power cordless spot light, small tool kit

In Progress: DIY leaf pack coming soon hopefully!, new speaker box, Herculiner in the bed (spring), stealth wheels (spring), new y-pipe & muffler (spring)

Hill climbin at work. (Before BL, 285's, and spacers)

Modded OEM Nav mount

*Used these threads on to do this*
Modding OEM Nav Mount for Nuvi 200 series
Installing OEM Garmin Nav Mount

->To charge my Nuvi I bought a hardwire kit from so I didnt have to have a cord hangin out of the front
Garmin Nuvi hardwire kit
FYI: You CANNOT cut the plug off of the 12v cigarette lighter plug and wire it in!!!!! There is an internal step down transformer that cuts down the 12v into the Nuvi!!!!!! It WILL fry your gps!!! ASK ME HOW I KNOW!!!!! Stickers on both side windows

Herculined Rocker panels and Fenders

To be continued...
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