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When I bought my '05, I had Car Toys install a DEA/Python 660XP system. The installer took my OEM fobs as part of the programming, then returned them saying they all would work through the Python "brain.". I have been using the DEA fobs until recently, when I lost one of them.

I cannot buy a replacement DEA fob but am OK with that. The thing I worry about is that someone else can open my doors. I did not lose the ignition key, but someone could steal things inside the cab. The Car Toys people say my system cannot be reprogrammed, only disinstalled completely or replaced with a new one. I live too far from the nearest Car Toys now to do either of those and I don't want a new system anyway.

They also say that the OEM fobs were reprogrammed back then, to go through the Python system.

I can live without the Python system. But is there a way to completely disactivate it without losing my ability to use the OEM fobs and without disinstalling it?
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