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Pulstar, Anyone?

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Just started noticing these spark plugs in a few magazines recently, although from what I understand they aren't new news. I'm coming up on 90k and Im still on the original spark plugs so I want to start getting familiar with my options. These look real interesting, just wondering if anyone has any personal experience with them already?
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Haven't used them, but I call BS on them. Stick with the OEM or upgrade to iridiums.
At 25 bucks a piece, I'll stick with my NGKs. I have read up on them a small amount and they seem like to much to be true.
Don't do it, atone of subaru guys(is used to be one) bought them, and they do seems to give more spark,but after about 3 months they burn out and get all black, and foul out. Not worth the money:censor:
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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