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I posted several days ago my issue of truck cranking and starting out ok but engine warmed up it and I was at a red light, it would pulse loudly and folks around me would stare at me until I took off again.

Thanks for those of you gave me advice.

I have replaced the idle air control valve ($120) based on advice given.
I replaced the air intake sensor ($15) based on a code provided by Autozone which did not correct the problem.
I performed a vacuum leak and no leaks that I could tell. The engine still pulses once warmed up.

I do know when I turn on the AC there is no change in idle speed. Maybe due to already being high?

I have not replaced the solenoid above the IAC.

Next stop is the Nissan dealer and spend $130 for a diagnosis, unless someone out there has
any more ideas.

I appreciate all help. Joe

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No Frontier experience w/ this issue, but my '96 Turbo Eclipse had a similar issue in 2000. It did pulse at idle and interfered w/ boost when putting the hammer down. Was told by the dealer that it was an 'idle control motor' that needed to be replaced. I believe it was in the neighborhood of ~$600+. W/in a couple days, a young lady on a cell phone ran a red light and totaled us both out. In speaking w/ a trusted mechanic after my wreck, he said that part could have been removed and cleaned for ~$120. Wish I could offer more on your issue. Bottom line: dealerships are parts' replacers...mechanics can possibly save you money by fixing issues. Both have their advantages.
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