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ProZ Bi-Fold Tonneau Cover

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First addition to the truck. I added a ProZ Bi-Fold Tonneau Cover.

My criteria for a tonneau cover:
- Easy to take off / put on when I need an open bed.
- Reasonably waterproof.
- Secure -- There is search and rescue gear in the back at all times.
- Not ugly.

So far I think it will fit the bill. The rails it comes with attach to and sit right above the standard Nissan track mounts. Very easy to install and they won't interfere with anything in the bed. The cover has two attachment pieces at the front that are easy to undo to remove the cover -- would take about 15 seconds to remove / reattach. The cover has a latch at the middle and at the back to lock it in place (can be driven with the back half flipped open if needed). I'll have to see how it does for waterproof next time I get the truck washed. Finally, I think it looks good.

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Looks good

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