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Hello everyone! I recently picked up a 1999 XE 4x4 V6 with the 5-speed off of a "buy here, pay here" place due to my previous vehicle blowing its head gasket. I am new to Frontiers, and even Nissan for that matter. So far I am loving the truck, but that's not to say it was in perfect condition. The short list of what it needed is as follows:
Knock Sensor
D/S CV Axle
All rear lights
Power steering flex hoses (x2)

In addition all the fluids needed changing, tires, shocks and P/S leaf spring. I changed all the fluids myself, along with the shocks and leaf's (leaves?) but the rest of the issues I deferred to my favorite local shop. It may sound like the truck is completely worn out, but it's actually in great shape. I get a lot of compliments on its condition from random people. The clutch is in perfect working order and the best part is this one has the factory cruise control and it works! A manual transmission with cruise control in a 20th century Everyman's truck! According to the CarFax this truck was sold and spent most of its life in California, and judging by how much moon dust was concealed behind the door panels it must have been a desert part. With only 162xxx miles at the time of purchase, I feel that I have a truck that will last me many years to come.

I look forward to trading knowledge and experience with you, the wonderful men and women on this extensive forum!


1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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