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Proud new 02 S/C Frontier owner in MA

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Hey everyone!

Proud new 02 S/C Frontier owner here!

My vehicle is an 02 crew cab supercharged Frontier with longbed.

Forest green with the black leather interior with red stitching.

I have two questions - not sure to try them here or not --but here goes.

#1. Is there anyplace I can get a leveling kit (2" front suspension raise) for my 1G Frontier? Everyone seems to have the 05 to 80 kits - I cannot find the 98 to 04 kit. Will the 05 to 08 kit work on my 02 ? I bought the truck with 31" tires - and they are mighty close in front.

#2. The leather on my steering wheel (stereo controls & cruise contr controls) is very warn out. Anyplace to get a new leather part of the steering wheel?


--Bruce Kwartler :)
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welcome were in mass

1, for a gen 1 leveling kit is called a PML poor mans lift there is a write up in the gen 1 section on how to crank your t-bars up front.
Okay - now I feel like a complete idiot! :) Nice write up about the front torsion bar lift in the FAQ section.

Thanks for your patience :)

--Bruce K.
No worries... you're new
Welcome to the club, glad you already found your answer on your 1st issue!

Consider a fabric store or call a dealer for that repair. I had the toyota dealer repair a hole in my seat since they had a seat guy there. The nissan dealer didn't have a dude, and they told me to call toyota for their fabric guy. GL
Welcome to Club Frontier.

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