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Problems with PRG 3" spacers and 2" blocks.

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Has anyone had any problems caused by their PRG lifts?

Are the OEM shocks and brake lines compatible with it?
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any brand of 3" spacers will cause coilbucket contact without aftermarket uca's and any 2" blocks is as high as you wanna go without extended rear shocks but your brake lines should be fine why are you having problems ??? cause out of all the company's out there prg has the highest quality product from my experience and great customer service
not really its just annoying and depending on how hard you drive your truck you can damage the coilbucket it will leave marks on it or even worse if you decide to jump it :) and also if your 4wd your cv angles will be really bad and cv joints will wear out alot faster also 2" in the rear might make the ride a little worse without new shocks
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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