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Problem with Transmission???

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2012 Pro-4x / 97k: had to stop on a decent uphill slope. When the light turned green I gave her gas and she wouldn’t move. I could feel the truck try to move but it was like something was locked up. Did it again a couple minutes later on the same hill, same scenario. Is the tranny on its way out? What should I check? All oils were replaced only 7k ago
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Thanks for the humbling moment. I checked it with the engine off and it was way high. Then checked again with the engine running and it is low. Guess this is a check done with the engine running.

The trans fluid should be checked with engine running, trans in park or neutral and up to operating temp (there is a lot of fluid in there so thermal expansion matters).

Too high is very bad for auto trans also! Don’t go over the max mark.
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