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hi i was wondering if anyone has had problems with their throw out bearings.

a little history...

a while back my gf was driving my truck to her moms. When she went to leave the clutch in the truck acted like it was slipping. I went to check it out, and thought the pressure plate was out. I even started a new thread about it.

So i towed the truck home and started on the clutch job. As i removed the trans, a piece of a spring clip fell down. When i removed the the trans completely, i found that spring clip that holds the throw out bearing in place had broken in half. So the clutch fork was only seating on part of the throw out bearing.

I went to the dealer and ordered a spring clip for the the throw out bearing, and the clutch fork. I installed a new throw out bearing, clutch, and pressure plate. When i put the trans back in everything was cool, and in place. I buttoned everything on the bottom back up, put a new slave cylinder in place, and bled it. I went to drive the truck, and the clutch felt weird, not like before. So i bled the clutch so more with the same results.

I went back under the truck and looked at the slave cylinder. The piston was pointing down a little. So i took off the clutch fork rubber boot off, and found that the clutch for was not sitting even. Every time i pushed the clutch down it was pivoting on the ball, and part of the trans. When i first assembled everything, the fork was pivoting only on the clutch fork. As I looked inside with my flash light, and it was only pushing on one of the tb ears, not both.

Im trying to figure out how the hell this is happening? It happened today again, the damn throw out bearing sleeve turned. And the fork is only pushing on one of the tb ears. which means i have to tear everything apart and realign the throw out bearing sleeve with the fork. :thatswck:

sorry for the long post.. but had to rant...

here is the sleeve and bearing

my clutch fork is only pressing on one of the ears from the throwout bearing sleeve.
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