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PRG UCAs and new ZT741 chains

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I have PRG UCAs taking up space in my shop. These are used and I replaced the uniball bearings a few times and the heims once as well. One bearing was just replaced, the other one needs done again. I have the bearing here somewhere, if I can find it, I'll include it. All I needed to do was wait for my wife to come home and aks her where she put my bearing - and voila - I have the new uniball bearing in hand to include.

Pic attached is how they sit - I haven't tried to clean them or paint them to hide anything, what you see is what you get. $400 CDN. Shipping on your dime and FYI - shipping from Canada to the US is expensive.

Package is 12"x15.5"x10.5" and I guesstimate the weight at 7lbs. My Postal Code is V0N 1T0, so you can estimate shipping costs here:

Also have a set of Peerless ZT741 LT chains that I have never used. These are for those 'just in case' scenarios and I always have a set in my truck, but I run 285's all the time now so these are for stock size. $100 CDN


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Actually, I think I am interested in these. Still available?
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