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PRG lift kits

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I would like to hear from anyone from Canada (BC) who has dealt with this company. I was interested in their ADVANCED COILOVER package for my 06 NISMO. It has 2 pr coil overs, upper control arms and rearleafs. $1650.00
Is there a hastle with the border? or shipping? Kirby
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I've ordered stuff fropm PRG a few times, ask him to ship USPS, it will save you a bunch in brokerage fees, otherwise no problems with shipping.
one more thing - if you do go with larger tires and then need to pull out the coils, make sure you have a spacer lift available to clear the bigger meats.

also, the deaver AAL 2" kit has pretty much gone flat in a year - i think a 10 leaf pack would be better if you are having any weight on the back - and i saw you mention a boat on another thread. i'm considering airbags - though not sure how well they would work with a lift.

also consider longer brake lines in the rear if you are going wheeling - the stock ones will be holding up your diff after the lift
I believe with the 10 leaf pack you loose a bit of payload. Also with the rear lift it will depend on shock length for needing extended brake lines, I have no problem with maxing out rear brake lines.
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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