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PRG lift kits

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I would like to hear from anyone from Canada (BC) who has dealt with this company. I was interested in their ADVANCED COILOVER package for my 06 NISMO. It has 2 pr coil overs, upper control arms and rearleafs. $1650.00
Is there a hastle with the border? or shipping? Kirby
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PRG pkg

i bought the same kit - had it shipped USPS as mentioned. i did have problems with my Radflos, and had to send them back for warranty work, which was a huge hassle. to top it off, apparently there isn't supposed to be warranty on Radflos sold by PRG outside of the USA, as it competes with other dealers. however, only PRG has these specific Radflos for the Frontier.

i would possibly consider other coils that may be warrantied or serviced here in Canada. Greg and Jen are both great to deal with, though sometimes really slow to get back to you.
Thanks for the info. What was the outcome with the Radflos?
Did you upgrade to resovoir style?
Any other info would be greatly apreciated. Kirby
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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