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Prg lift kit, cant get coilovers to fit

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I got the prg advanced extended coilover lift kit. The coilover is longer than stock shock, and i cant get it to fit. I get the 3 bolts up top in and aligned, but when i try for the bottom of the strut the hole is like 1/2 inch away from being aligned to put bolt through. Ive tried prying up with a bar but still cant get it up enough to stick bolt in. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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I tried but couldnt get the spindle to seperate any tricks there?
Get a hammer, and smack the ball joint, it will eventually pop and break free from the upper control arm. Hit it where the red arrow is pointing below, and dont be a girl about it, youd need a pretty big hammer to do any sort of damage.

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Hey now, some of us don't have a choice in the matter. :p
I have seen your build, you know your way around :)
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