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prg kits comparison - basic vs leveling

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I am looking to purchase a prg basic kit for $429. It has the 2" spacer, rear shackles and bilstean shocks for the rear OR the 3" leveling kit with the deaver leaf springs. I like the extra height for the 3" but I dont want to sacrifice much ride quality. any feedback on ride - noises - or if there is a better option out there. My truck is 2wd le cc and rarely goes off roading.
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You'll get more coil bucket contact with 3" up front. I love my deaver add-a-leafs in the back and personally think its the most solid way to lift the back and save your springs some too. The ride with the deavers will be a little stiffer though, but I like it. What are you planning to do with the truck or is it just for looks, etc. Or how much money you can spend. Cause I would just go straight to for some radflos up front and then whatever you want in the back. All depends on what your willing to do.
I was kinda thinking radflo's were the way to go. Don't they have to be recharged or something like that. How long will they last before that happens. I am really just doing this for extra ground clearance but will be doing very little offroading.
He is 2wd mall crawler.

Like 5speed said, how much do you want to spend? I wouldn't go over 2.5'' or so on the spacer, you will have a lot of contact at 3''. Radflo > spacer in the front. I'd personally hit up rear deavers.
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