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PRG install ALMOST went smooth...will I be ok??

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Well, my PRG install ALMOST went smooth...

2007 Nismo. Bought the Advance coil over package. Installed the radflos with no problems. Then I went to the rear and got everything installed and then went to put on the Ubolts and they dont fit. I had a PRG leveling block kit (for sale by the way in the for sale section) and the Ubolts were longer than stock. Now with the new AAL and shocks, the Ubolts are too big and dont fit.

So....I went to all the Auto superstores and none of them had the right size. So I had to reinstall the block to be able to fit the Ubolts on until I can get to dealership on monday.

SO..... will I be ok running the AAL with the blocks for a day or two? or will the blocks ruin the AAL?

Also, I know that with the blocks in the back, I am not getting the true "ride" of this new suspension system, but I have to say that as it stands right now, I really dont feel any difference whatsoever in the "ride" of the truck with rads than oem.

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I say keep them in. You will not hurt anything. It's just giving you more height.
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