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PRG Advanced Coil Over SPC vs Coil over kit.

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It has been a few months since i did a 2 inch lift in my truck and i am very happy with everything so far but at the same time i feel like i need more. Currently i have Bilsteins 5100 in the Front and a Single AAL in the Rear.

I have ben looking at the PRG packages and am interested in the Advanced Coil over SPC and Advanced coil Over kit. They seem fairly identical with everything expect the Upper control arm.

Can Someone shine some light on the differences between the 2? its a 200 dollar difference and i want to know what i will be gained going with one over the other. My goal is to be around 3 inches of lift.

link for the kits are here in case its needed.

PRG Products

PRG Products
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Depends where you live...i like sealed ball joints due to snow in colorado. Plus low maintenance. I run prg w spc and love it
btw....what is your ground to fender measurement? i never checked mine pre-lift. at 38" up front right now
uniballs are great, aside from having to keep them clean. lots of travel, fairly durable. just clean em once a week. however, heim joints make lots of noise. at least they did on my race car and it was easily 2k lbs less than my truck with alot less travel. they hold up great but if you dont like pops and light "clunks" heims are obnoxious. they are extremely durable though. the spc adjusts at ball joint, where as prg adjusts in the arms. just different, wouldnt say one is better than the other
Cranking coilovers no matter which kind will change where you sit in shock travel. My rads are set at 2.5", have 1/2" spacer on top. 24" from hub, but 38" from ground to fender. Still running 265's, just duratraks.
Difference in spring rate is for added weight and maintaining height. I however have 600lb springs on my truck with just sliders. Rides good but i want a r n didnt want to swap springs next sprin
1 - 5 of 23 Posts
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