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Preventing Theft With Utili-Track

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Hey folks, sorry if this is the wrong section but...

I've a Yeti Cooler, a bike, etc... I opted for the utili-track system on my brand new frontier assuming there would still be one or two static/permanent tie downs built into the frame of the truck. I assumed I would use that permanent tie down to lock my yeti, bike, and so on into the truck so nobody could steal it.

How are you all with utili-track doing that? If at all? Have alternative recommendations?

Thanks for your help!
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Cable lock, fished through the gap between tailgate and bed, behind the bumper, locked to the safety chain loop on the hitch.
If they are bringing tools, they are getting your stuff. Locks just slow them down or send them to the other target that is an easier pick. At some point they will just steal the whole truck. Or damage the truck getting what they are after.

One of my favorite ones was the Rolls Royce that the owner used 2 chains and 2 padlocks to lock it between 2 palm trees. Went on vacation. When he got back the car was turned around, still locked up and the chains and locks were still around the trees. Note inside went something like "If we really wanted it we would have taken it". The point being that if you overdo it you can make it a challenge. They don't care about actually getting your stuff, they are after the challenge you set up for them. OR they think that with that much security that it must be worth more then that easier mark parked next to you, even if it isn't.
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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