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Preventing Theft With Utili-Track

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Hey folks, sorry if this is the wrong section but...

I've a Yeti Cooler, a bike, etc... I opted for the utili-track system on my brand new frontier assuming there would still be one or two static/permanent tie downs built into the frame of the truck. I assumed I would use that permanent tie down to lock my yeti, bike, and so on into the truck so nobody could steal it.

How are you all with utili-track doing that? If at all? Have alternative recommendations?

Thanks for your help!
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Is it not possible to undo the fork lock, loosen the eye bolts and slide to the end of the track? If anything can be moved to the end of the track it can be stolen, and that's the concern I have unless there is a way to lock the end of the track closed. That's what I'd really like to find is some locking track stops

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But you just have to loosen the nut right and then press on the eye because it's just a spring.

Geekmyride a padlock would work, that's how I lock my garage (chain through the track). Someone willing to cut a bolt is already prepared to take your stuff anyway, I'd just be concerned with someone randomly wanting to walk away with my stuff. Only other thing you can do is lock the bed with a hard cover.

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Not if you thread the bolt all the way in to the back of the rail first. Have you used unistrut hardware? the eyebolt threads in to the spring nut behind all the way through to the back of the track If you simply loosen the nut on the outside that doesn't get you anywhere. You cannot loosen the eye bolts from the spring nut because the U lock goes through BOTH eyes. Preventing you from rotating either eye bolt more than about 1/8th of a turn.
I didn't think about pushing the bolt all the way to the back, I'll have to try that. I picked up some superstrut nuts but I haven't played with them yet.
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