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Pretty good deal on tonneau cover

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I just ordered a Truxedo truxport tonneau cover from and right now they are offering a free tailgate seal with it. Also if you input the code 'mt20' into the checkout you get 20 bucks off. There's no shipping or tax which makes it a darn good deal. (around 264 bucks)

I decided to get this cover after researching the net and this site a bit. It looks like a hard cover (no visible bows in it) but it is a soft vinyl cover than can be completely rolled up out of the way pretty easily. (also a 5 year warranty)

I'll post some pics when I get it installed next week. It will be nice to keep my cargo dry. There's been so many times I've needed this in the past but I've decided against them because my past experience told me they would just be a pain when I needed to haul stuff taller than my bed walls. This one looks like it should be just the ticket though.
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I just put this on my truck yesterday. Seems to be a nice cover, although I have never had one before. It was pretty easy to put on and it looks like it you have to you can take it of in about 10 minutes.

One thing you will have to do is get some foam cab seal to go between the front box header and the tonneau cover frame. It states this in the directions.

It looks good and the price was right. Enjoy.
any pics????
Looks Good, like your ride, & the color of course! Nice to see you keep it clean even in snow!
Notice the part number on this auction....remarkably similar to a Truxport. I called em and they are on the up and up. Truxedo can't tell them what to sell them for, but they can tell them what they can advertise for. Thanks for the tip on the coupon. I still may go with the bay deal for $240

Roll Up Tonneau Cover 2005-2010 Nissan Frontier 5' Bed : eBay Motors (item 380201541151 end time Feb-26-10 13:16:34 PST)
Tried the mt20 coupon and it failed.
$240.00 is a good buy on the cover. I paid 248.00 with free shipping from Streetside That was the best deal I could find at the time. They were really good to deal with and fast shipping.
$239.00, did the buy it now...just have to wait for it to arrive. Looks likes a sharp cover, can't wait to install it.
Let us know how you come out with this ebayer. Others may want to know.
Tonneau arrived today and it is definitely a Truxport. Packing slip states it as a Truxport with the item number from Truxedo. I will put it on tomorrow. $240 shipped no tax seems to be the best deal right now. I will post tomorrow when I get it on.
Got the cover on and it looks good. Can't seem to get the logo lined up. I did adjustments, but nothing really moves the logo to the center. Everything looks lined up pretty well. Seems I would have to have the thing on crooked to have the logo centered. I will goof around with it more when the weather is better.
Figured out why the logo isn't centered. I did some measurements and the logo itself is 1/2 inch off center. I could make one more slight adjustment as I am about 1/16 inch out of alignment on the bed rails. I will probably wait until the cover has aged a bit before I fine tune it. Just have to seal up a couple spots and it is done. Very pleased with the results (less the logo being stitched in wrong spot) for the money I laid out.
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