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So I have been working on a set of frame horns for a prerunner bumper specifically for 2005-2016 frontiers. These are similar to the set that dirt king sells for the Titan. These horns can come as plate that you weld together or pre welded. Bar option have 2.0" or 1.75"

They bolt on to the factor bumper to frame mount using factory hardware. Base mount is made from 0.25" 1018 steel and horns are made from 0.125" 1018 steel.

Cost of frame horns without welding would be 145 shipped.
Cost of frame horns prewelded would be 185 shipped.

That is based on a 2" Diameter roll bar for the bumper 1.75" Diameter roll Bar should be about the same.

They are cutting them his week I should have pictures by then to upload

Who all is interested
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