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power window problem

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Ive had my 05 Frontier for a little over a year and when i bought it the switch on the front driver side door - that controls the rear driver side window does little to nothing.
If I hit the switch located on the rear door itself it goes down/up no problem....any ideas besides going to the dealer. i would like to avoid them if possible due to my AEM intake.
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The 2005 FSM schematic shows that the signal from the front power window master switch to the rear windows goes through the rear window switches. So if the rear switch works by itself, it sounds like you've got a bad power window master switch there in your driver's door.

Edit: Looking at it again, it does look possible for the switch on the rear door to break in such a way that it won't pass the signal from the front switch through to the window motor, but still work correctly when operated from the back. So it might also be the rear driver-side door switch. The FSM troubleshooting procedure can also isolate that too.

According to Courtsey Nissan's site, you can't buy the individual switches and replace just the switch for the left rear window in it - you can only buy the whole assembly (see 25750 in the bottom diagram).

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Fontana Nissan (a site sponsor) is about $4 cheaper ($84 vs $88 ).

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Before spending that kind of money (or surveying junkyards looking for a used one), check out the FSM yourself to see if you think my theory makes sense. It has a troubleshooting procedure to isolate the problem to the front switch to confirm that's the problem.
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