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Well I haven't been able to find a thread like this so forgive me if there is one.

In this thread, you can post a pic of your audio/video setup and briefly describe what it consist of.

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pioneer avh4100

alpine type r 6.5 components up front
alpine 6.5 coaxials in the back
ran off of mbquart4125

3 sundown sa8 in a sealed about 1.4 after everything said and done
running off of sundown sae1200 wired to 1.33 ohms

2 of big 3 done

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I hope this counts and briefly.

-Acer Asipire One 8.9" 1.6ghz Netbook with the GMA950 Graphics Controller, Wifi, bluetooth, etc.. all the interfaces needed, enough horsepower to do the job.
-250GB Hard drive, non-SSD, been over 6 months with zero issues in the winter or off road.
-Lilliput 840x480 LCD with LED backlighting @ 450nit Brightness (resistive touch screen, not capacitive[yet]) double din EBY701/629 framing mount
-Bluetooth OBD2 interface for engine diagnostics and live sensor/gauge readings
-Arduino USB programmable board for controlling RGB ambient interior lights, turning on and off component's relays in/outside the truck, tap into temperature sensors, also could be used to be programmed to run the HVAC system... will take a while.
-Plastic wire flume and wire fittings.
-Some thin stainless steel to mount the computer inside the dash. USB Programmable DC-DC Power supply.
-JoyCon USB Steering wheel control board to use my factory steering wheel controls.
-Wifi audio library syncing with my mac.

-Stripped down version of windows
-Centrafuse 3.0 software w/ Garmin v5 GPS software

-AutoTek 950W 4 Channel amp for mids/tweeters: Stock RF Door speakers, P115 Pioneer tweeters in dash
-600w RMS Sony amp behind rear seat for subwoofers
-Under rear-Seat dual 10" carpeted subwoofer box
-Two Sony Xplod 350RMS 10" subwoofers, work a ton better than the kicker CVT's oddly, very happy.

Experimenting with flashable BeagleBoard with Android 2.2 now, possibly replacing the computer and abolishing the need for wicked linux fidgeting and

As it is, it's quite foolproof, sleeps and resumes all by it self, it's been extremely stable, no maintenance.

Installing Mid/High amp (replacing factory RF one-hate it, nothing adjustable) and doing a little software modification:

Wired to factory wiring, worked fantastic.


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Holy Crap Steve500!

And here I thought I was so clever by buying an enclosure for a harddrive I took out of my PS3, connecting it to my after market head unit and mounting it under the dash so I could take it inside from time to time and upload new music to it. I may as well have been eating crayons compared to what you did.
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