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????? possible to adabt a manual shift option?????

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i know it wasnt a factory option, but i wonder if it it possible to adapt it from a z transmision. if it could be done, Works Bell makes a universal paddle shifter for under $400 that works with any auto trans vehicle that has a manual/sequintial shift option. i have heard somewhere here that our trannys are very similiar to z trannys which have the manual shift option in them. maybe the z harness will work on a frontier and just have that one plug left over, "doubtfully that easy lol" but the paddle shifter only needs to tie into the wires i that control the manual shifting on the shifter on vehicles that have the option, so maybe all we would need to do is find out what leeds to tie into and we could have a fun adition to the normal boring auto trans, at a pretty low price, i think it would be sick! what do you guys think?
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I have heard of a titan trans floating around that has put a manual valvle body in his auto so you can paddle shift.. i think it was for sale. so you should be able to do with ours.
hmmm, i wonder if he is manual full time. personally the paddle shifter is kinda neet, but im mostly intrested in the keeping it in one gear part lol, our trucks like to shift around alot, and they dont need to, when playing around or towing. it would be cool to be able to do it on the console, but even if we could make it work, it would be a major pain in the a to retro fit the z shifter wich may be a better "cheaper" option. but having paddle shift would be fun sometimes too lol
I know alot of racers have been make auto in to this type of shifting. From I have heard they don't have a park or neutral.
I am going to be swapping in the Vk 5.6 and manual valve body transmission from the Titan. I have been researching this for a few years, the idea of paddle shifting my automatic seems too good to be true...but it's actually a very doable modification.

There are a few particular models that offer a manual tow mode. This manual tow mode allows you to drive the truck in a manumatic mode, you can up and down shift on the fly just like the Z, just without fancy paddles. Now, all of the nissan steering columns are almost 100% identical. The 350Z offers paddle shifters on the column; so adapting them shouldn't be an issue at all. The Titan bell housing is nearly identical to the Frontier, so the transmission should bolt right up to the vq40 with minor modifications to the brackets.
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