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Possible Pinging issue

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Hi all! I have a 2003 XEv6, and now that the weather has been getting warm (mid/high 80s) I am noticing a strange ringing, rattling sound coming from my engine under throttle, which I take to be 'pinging'. It was especially bad taking a 2 yard load of bark dust back to my place. I have been putting premium gas in (though non SC so regular should be fine). The truck just hit 98k. on the clock.

Any suggestions or advice?

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If you have a true pinging condition you need to figure it out quickly. Generally pinging is caused by either a lean fuel condition, carbon deposits in the combustion chamber, over advanced ignition timing, wrong spark plugs, or overheating.

This could be due to a winter fuel having too much ethanol for the engine to handle in the warmer conditions. Are you sure no one put E85 in the tank?

True pinging (pre-ignition) can ruin your engine if not resolved fairly quickly. I have seen it blow hole into pistons.

Good luck man, let us all know what you figure out.
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