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Possible Pinging issue

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Hi all! I have a 2003 XEv6, and now that the weather has been getting warm (mid/high 80s) I am noticing a strange ringing, rattling sound coming from my engine under throttle, which I take to be 'pinging'. It was especially bad taking a 2 yard load of bark dust back to my place. I have been putting premium gas in (though non SC so regular should be fine). The truck just hit 98k. on the clock.

Any suggestions or advice?

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True pinging (pre-ignition) can ruin your engine if not resolved fairly quickly. I have seen it blow hole into pistons.

Good luck man, let us all know what you figure out.
Thats what I am worried about..
I know it can't be a winter mix of gas, as I go through a tank a month and just had it filled a week ago. And the temp gauge was sitting right where it normally does.
I was planning on doing my plugs soon (and might as well replace the knock sensor while I am in there) but how would I check for a lean condition or look for its cause without a CEL?
So I have run injector and intake cleaner through, and seafoamed the intake and the pinging has gone down. Going up longs hills (esp now that the temp has hit the high 90's) will still produce some very, very minor pining and it doesn't persist as long. Buildup in the engine was the biggest issue. I am still going to replace the knock sensor (and sparks while I am in there) as I already purchased the gaskets and sensor, and will update again after that.

As always, input is appreciated!
1 - 3 of 4 Posts
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