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Positive Traction??

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I'm new here and new to the Nissan brand. I have a 2010 Frontier SE 2wd. I thought the SE had a limited slip, but now I'm guessing I thought wrong. It snowed about 2" and only the passenger wheel seemed to spin, which did me no good. Thoughts? Was I wrong?
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It is not mechanical. It is electronic and works with the ABS. If you have any ABS faults it won't work.
In general it works very well. But does take a little tire spin to work it.

Now a 2010 should have it, I think. I know the early years ('05ish) it was an option. Slowly over the years it went from an option to standard more and more. Not sure what year it was standard on everything. If you have the window sticker and it states something like BLSD or ALSD or traction package you have it. The B in front of the LSD is "Brake" and the A is "Active". Same thing, different marketing person wrote it.

So what trim level do you have? How much spin did you give it? Do you have any warning lights light up on the dash?

I'll have to let it spin more to see what happens. It's the SE with 2wd King Cab. No warning lights. It does have the optional accessories like cruise, a/c, cd player, etc. so I'm guessing it came with the limited slip from the factory. Maybe I just need to let it ride for a moment to see if that kicks in. I didn't let it go long at all. I don't have the window sticker that came with it originally but I may be able to reverse engineer the VIN. Thanks for the feedback!
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