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Have you saved money thanks to "Club Frontier"?

  • No, I have not done any "Mods"

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  • Yes, I have done "Mods" and saved

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  • No, "Club Frontier" got me doing "Mods" I never thought of doing

    Votes: 7 58.3%
  • What are "Mods?

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Well I found this site when I bought my 07 XE, thought it was a great site then. Just now got to thinking about mods done and mods planned, "Club Frontier" has not saved me money, It has cost me money! Think about it, Trailer hitch, $500-$600 if you have dealer do it! Read "Club Frontier" and do it yourself for $270 OEM! Step side $650 dealer, do it yourself $240 OEM steps! Door Body Molding dealer $550, do it yourself $80! Now dummy, did you really save money? Heck no! I could never have afforded these "Mods" at dealer costs, so I would not have done the! Hence money saved! Thanks "Club Frontier" for costing me money!:nana:
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