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ok im new to trucks/rims, and my tire size is 31x10.5 R15 -6x137.9 BFG A/T

I am looking for a rim to with backspacing so the tire pops out a bit.HELP

I want to know what possible sizes I can use for rims from a minimum width of tire, to max. Ex. Can i fit a 10 in width rim on my 10.50 tire? or even higher in width, to what max?

I am looking for black 15" rims to fit the tires I already have, can anyone give me a specific link to a site.

Thanks in advance.:comphead:

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See if this helps
Wheels for 2000 Nissan Frontier XE 4wd

If it doesnt work, just go on and input your vehicle info, there are a few choices for wheels. Also, you can call tirerack or discounttire and ask them if nobody on here can help you. I don't know anything about wheel sizes for your generation Frontier so I can't really help.
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