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Hey all, i am from calgary alberta and have a 2003 nissan frontier xe 4x4, 3.3L, V6, crew cab. i bought this truck 5 months ago from some one who had just brought it to calgary from Hawaii. I found this site in hopes that i could find a solution to my problem.

My meter fuse is blowing everytime i replace the fuse. It controls all my gauges in the cluster as well as the starter. I had to buy a 30 pack of 10amp fuses just so i would be able to start my truck when i went out. I put the new fuse in and start the truck, i have all my guages how ever the "service engine soon" light is on. Then a few minutes later the fuse blows and all the gauges go out again, as well forcing me to either leave me truck running or shuting it off and replacing the fuse when i want to go again. If any one has any pointers or had this problem before that would be greatly apreciated.


Update: I've checked tail lights wiring, battery terminals. seems good!
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