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Hey Guys,

2005 CC with Craptech 6" Lift, Titan Swap, Extended SAW's.

Been dealing with some CV's issues lately as I've been building my truck back up. I had a lower control arm snap off so my truck had been down for a bit. I took the CV's out and got some RockAuto replacements since those older junkyard CV's were shot.

Threw some nice new Moog ball joints in the LCA's and went to install the new CV's, but they bind on the ball joints towards full droop and full compression. The Zerks fittings are removed and the CV's bind out really hard on the ball joint. The aftermarket CV's seem to have a larger diameter knuckle than stock CV's. I no longer have my stock CV's to measure but im hoping someone can throw some calipers on their CV to see what the diameter is before I return these and try to find some "new" stock ones at a junkyard.

It seems like the issue revolves around the Fabtech spindle since I get a crazy amount of contact between my heim steer rod and my coil springs.

Its been awhile since I've had axles in the front of my truck.. can someone confirm the diameter of a stock Titan CV at the wheel side? and can someone also confirm that they are using a Fabtech 6" DB lift with a Titan Swap?

Thanks guys, really appreciate any help!

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I also thought the heim tie rod couldn't be used with the db kits because of the amount of contact it would make...? I know PRG clearly states that and I thought Dirt King did as well. If they are making such crazy amount of contact, could that be what's binding and not the cv's? I have the calmini db and cv's from advance auto and before that one's from rockauto and they have all worked perfectly fine.
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