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Plan for rear bumper, rock sliders, and exo mounted roof rack

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As the title indicates, I'm starting a plan for a heavy duty rear bumper, rock sliders, and a full length roof rack that attaches to a sort of exo cage rather than directly to the roof. I'm looking for some advice on the design, particularly ways to save on the considerable weight this is gonna add without sacrificing protection. The rock sliders are pretty simple: three mounting points attached to a 2"x2" square tube, thinking 3/16" walls, with a 3"x2" rectangular tube step.

The tentative plan on the rear bumper is the basis of it will be an 8"x8" square 3/16" walled tube. A section on the top rear corner will be cut out and flipped to make a step the swing arms will sit in. The bottom rear corner will be cut off and replaced with a section of plate to fill in the gap. The drawing below doesn't show it, but the rear side corners will be shaved off similarly to the bottom one and we'll likely cut some holes in the forward face of the tube to save some weight. The picture shows a large plate extending forward for side protection, but I'm not completely sold on the design of this part. I should also note the scale of the various bits is way off as I'm new to using apps like that.

Unlike the bumper and sliders that I'll be doing with the help of a friend, the roof rack, due to the bent tubing, will have to get sourced out to a local fabricator. Initially I'd thought to try to find a full length rack (cab and shell) that'd mount to the roof until I found Overland Expedition Vehicle - Bone Tactical Those guys went so much further on that Titan than what I'm looking to do, but I fell in love with the roof rack design. The pictures below are just a cpl Frontiers with camper shells I pulled off google since I didn't have any decent ones of my truck. I'm not sure what size tubing I'll need, I'll leave that up to the fabricators greater knowledge, but I want to be able to use it for just about anything shy of rolling the truck.

I'll use this thread to document progress once we start making the parts, but that won't be until it start cooling off a bit here in the Valley of the Sun. In the mean time, I'd love any and all constructive input you guys can give me.
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Had the same idea
But the guy I know who does fab work talked me out of it.

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Kinda of everything,exoskeleton with built in roof rack.
Thinking mainly weight wise and how much do I wheel is very slim.
So be kinda of waste of money.

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