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Picture gallery?

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I don't think the pictures I posted under User CP are showing in my profile for people to see in my gallery. Can someone tell me if they are or what I might be doing wrong?
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I saw your "Silver 05' Nismo Crew" album when I went to your profile.. ?
EDIT: You do have an album in your profile. If you would like to add a gallery to the Forum Photo Gallery follow the instructions below.

Click the "Gallery" link in the menu bar. Once you get to the gallery page there should be another menu bar. On that menu there should be a link that says "Manage my vBPicGallery". Click that and you can add a gallery and pics.
Thanks that helps. I wondered why clicking my avatar showed my pictures but clicking on the right under "nismodrummer's gallery" didn't show any pictures. I got it now.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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