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Pic request pls

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Hi Guys,

I'm ready to order my lift kit for my 01 SC. I am ordering from the 3"SL Deluxe Suspension Package With Bilstein Shocks and since they only offer the 2"BL for the crew cab i have to get the 3" BL.

Anyone have a pic of a frontier with a 3"SL and a 3" BL on 33's? (is 6" too much?)

Does anyone know of a 2" BL kit i can find online?

I really wanted 3"SL and 2"BL on 33's for my truck.

Thanks for any support...
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hey welcome to CF. :hi:you should check out the 1st gen build forum under forums. check out Houdinis build. I believe in his early build he haad a 3+3 and 33s. He has plenty of pics.
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