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Pic request pls

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Hi Guys,

I'm ready to order my lift kit for my 01 SC. I am ordering from the 3"SL Deluxe Suspension Package With Bilstein Shocks and since they only offer the 2"BL for the crew cab i have to get the 3" BL.

Anyone have a pic of a frontier with a 3"SL and a 3" BL on 33's? (is 6" too much?)

Does anyone know of a 2" BL kit i can find online?

I really wanted 3"SL and 2"BL on 33's for my truck.

Thanks for any support...
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keep the truck low body lifts do nothing to improve your truck off road other than making it taller and thus easier to end up on its side. you can clear 33s with 3in sl and if they rub cut
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