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Piaa 510 fog light bracket

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It is my understanding that Piaa makes a bracket to install the piaa 510's in the stock location. Does anyone have these? i cant find a picture of the bracket. I think they are only $40 so they seem worth it cause i cant come up with a decent idea for mounting the 510 in the stock location.......cheers
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^ why screw with eBay they sell for $200 online.

As far as I can tell - the brackets ONLY come as part of a vehicle specific kit from PIAA that includes the lamps, brackets, wiring harness, relay, and switch.

AutoAnything has the kit for $200 free shipping. It's vehicle specific website so I asumme they sell the kit that PIAA says fits (5194). As of this post they are out of stock but I am personally going to call them and ask about the kit number, then order as soon as they get them.

Here is a PIAA provided pic of the frontier with them in.

Ha ha there are 5 reviews on auto anything for these lamps for 2nd gen frontiers. i suppose these people got the right kit cause they dont mention much with mounting them except the first guy maybe he wasnt too smart. Any members write these reviews??

"Mounted in the OEM bumper openings on a '07 Nissan Frontier. Lights fit opening & appearence is great. The OEM mounting bracket bolt holes were smaller that the PIAA mount, so had to drill out. No big deal, except drill accesibilty was restricted so I had to bend OEM mounting tabs down, drill out, & bend back up. The PIAA on/off switch would not fit / mount in the OEM dash opening and the wire enters the bottom of the switch, so a clean install can be challenging. I have ordered an illuminated rocker switch from a Marine supply that I believe will fit in the OEM opening."

"lights were installed on a 06 Nissan Frontier. I found it difficult to route the required wiring and to find a key on hot lead for the switch. The same job on a 02 Kenworth took far less time. Not your fault."

"These lights can cut through the early moring fog for a safe drive to work. To get a clean look you must get the dealer bumper trim pieces for $3 each. The install was easy withthe wiring harness."

"The lights I recieved are great. Everything was delivered in perfect shape, just as advertised. Thanks for everything."

"I installed these on a 2006 Nissan Frontier in the factory cut outs in the front bumper. Installation was easy; the kit had everything needed and careful alignment yielded an OEM look."
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Piaa 510 brackets

OK, so here is a correction: the brackets are sold separately from PIAA.

AND here is something much more important:

The PIAA mounting brackets that are for the 05-10 Frontier ONLY fit the models with chrome bumpers. This is not specified on the box or on the website, or in the installation manual. If you have a body color or unpainted bumper like me you are OUT OF LUCK.

I called PIAA and they guy seemed genuinely surprised by this - he took down my information, Frontier model and light kit number, and said he would have to research this and he'd call me back.......

So, until this is reolved don't buy the lighting kit or brackets if you have a body color or unpainted bumper on the 05-10 models.
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