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Phantom Tonneau

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I're thinking another !*#% tonneau post. This one is different. I was driving past a Toyota dealer and I saw a frontier in their used section with an awesome tonneau on it. I was able to take a few minutes and look at it and snap a few pics before a salesman started harassing me trying to sell me the truck. I looked at the inside and out and didn't see any kind of Manufacturer info or logo. It's a hard top with hydraulic arms that raise each of the partitions individually. It locks which is also really nice. I offered to buy the tonneau off the truck and the salesman wasn't having it. If anyone has any idea info on this tonneau, it would be appreciated.


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I have never seen this one before either. But it looks interesting.
Is this the cover that was factory issue a couple of years ago? I remember seeing a split cover like that on a couple of SE's a few years ago when I was looking at new Frontiers but didn't pay much attention since I'm not a tonneau fan.
I was thinking that at first too, but I always thought that one opened sideways.
well maybe that is what it is then. I remember 2 handles on 1 side (like this one) so maybe I just always assumed it opened to the side.
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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