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Performance traction control springs

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What do you all think of these?
I am in Lemoore, Hellwig corporate is about 30 minutes from here. I will get the scoop on them.


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This is a common mod on the titan boards and a few members here have followed in suit. You take the standard "helper springs" that you can find at AutoZone, Advanced, NAPA, etc... and you mount them on the front side of the spring instead of the rear. This will help with the axle wrap. Total for the mod is around 20 bucks but it works better if you buy an extra set of U-bolts and double nut everything.

If you don't take the extra steps, they will drift forward and squeek on the leaf eyes and the double nutting helps prevent the U-bolts nuts from backing off.
Forgot to update this, installed them a few weeks ago. I didn't tighten the springs fully, I have about 1.25 inches left.
The rear appears to ride a little higher.
When shifting during "spirited" driving, the rear doesn't dip, it feels as if the truck just moves forward. I also can chirp the tires more in third gear.
What do you mean you still have 1.25" left to tighten them? Are you talking about the gap between the oem leaf and the Ubolt connection in the front?
Correct. I have not tighened the front U-bolts fully.
Have you had any issues with the springs "walking" around?
Am I suppossed to?
I havent checked but I dont feel anything through the vehicle.
I only ask since the people including myself that use the "helper" springs for the purpose that you are report that they walk forward and start to squeek when they rub against the leaf.

It is something I would check to make sure its all good.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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