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Pcw1205 down for the count...

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I lost my baby tonight, when a moron in a Honda crossed over the yellow line and nailed me.

I saw the headlights coming at me, and i slammed the horn and swerved, but she hit me between the rear door and the wheels on the driver side, at about 40 mph or so :(

Drive shaft ended up about 20 feet away, leaf springs all over the road, fluids all over, wheels twisted out of place...

I am ok, but my baby is gone I am sure...:cry:

Pics in a few days
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Fortunately you were paying attention and was able to avoid a head on collision.
Will you buy another Frontier?

With .9% financing for 60 months the 2010 or a left over 2009 are actually a good value.

I'm all for seniors having to re-take their road test at 65.
I NEVER understand why people get up in arms over the idea of retesting. Are they their adult children who are afraid they would have to drive their parents around?

The only ones who know they can't pass should be afraid. It would make people look at the rest of seniors on the roads as ok, because if they are out driving it was determined they are still safe drivers.

1 - 3 of 16 Posts
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