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Pcw1205 down for the count...

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I lost my baby tonight, when a moron in a Honda crossed over the yellow line and nailed me.

I saw the headlights coming at me, and i slammed the horn and swerved, but she hit me between the rear door and the wheels on the driver side, at about 40 mph or so :(

Drive shaft ended up about 20 feet away, leaf springs all over the road, fluids all over, wheels twisted out of place...

I am ok, but my baby is gone I am sure...:cry:

Pics in a few days
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It sucks... but I guess I will have a list of add ons up for sale in the next week...

I hate other drivers damn it! We work so hard to get what we want, and then it gets messed up by someone else...
I think the woman actually feel asleep. When I blew the horn and swerved, her headlights did not swerve or 'bounce' as if she hit the brakes. She looked to be about 60 - 70 yrs old.
Your right about that...

I would get another, but problem is, I only had 33k on mine, and I wont be able to get one in similar condition for the money the truck is worth, at least i dont think so
1 - 4 of 16 Posts
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