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Pathfinder V8 vs Armada

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Looking at the pathy for wifey, but want a v8. Like the look of pathfinder, but Armada tows 2500lbs more. Both with V8's.

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do you have something to tow?
towing with IRS not something I would do all the time
towing with IRS not something I would do all the time
Both the the vehicles he has listed are IRS, and both tow fine. To the OP, what do you plan to tow? That has a big impact on the decision, nut just a tow rating. GVWR is also something else to consider when looking at towing and choosing a vehicle.
Personally I'd go for the v8 Pathfinder, unless you need the extra space.
what is IRS?

I am towing a popup camper. My fronty tows it good, but the rocky mountains are pushing it hard.
have her test drive the armada. they are huge and parking can be an issue. pathfinder has the edge there.

other than that, same engine, comparable interiors. one is just bigger, both in towing capacity and amount of people/stuff you can cram in the back.
It all depends on the space needs. My parents had an 06 Pathfinder which I used for a few road trips and they are a bit limited on space. They have a Murano now which seems to have more space in the front and back seats with about equal cargo space. The Pathfinder would be much easier to drive and park that's for sure.
my choice would be the pathy. its lighter, the armada, with the same engine will consume more gas based on the overall weight of the vehicle. if that is even a concern
Nothing wrong with independent. Check out this all around independent.

Who needs solid axles if your independent is beefy?

I agree with ^^^ Pathy is the way to go. Easier to park, maneuver, and unless you need such a big vehicle, pathy is the answer.
Old thread, but FWIW, the OEM Big Tow IRS is bagged on the shocks with an onboard compressor so it tows like a champ. I tow this bunkhouse throughout the year with over 820-lbs on the hitch: - hehe :D

... and still have fun on the weekends:

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Armada. I'm looking at dumping the wife's X for one in the near future.
Very nice Armada. That's ballzy to take a ride as expensive as that on 4WD trails.
Very nice Armada. That's ballzy to take a ride as expensive as that on 4WD trails.
Thanks, but that wasn't really "ballzy"... A decent driver who knows his vehicle well enough isn't taking any risks. ;)

This was out on Rocky Gap Road through Red Rock Canyon near Las Vegas with just a PRG 2" Mini-Lift:

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Heres our 2004 Offroad Armada on Top of Imogene Pass in CO.

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Suweeet Pic!!!! :thumbup:

Armada is bigger and a little heavier duty...... but the pathy would be much more fast and nimble in comparasin... I can see why you're having a hard time deciding!

If I really had to choose, i'd probably go with the Pathfinder because it still seats 7 (armada is 8 ), you'll be faster, more fuel efficient, more nimble on the road, less expensive initially and in the long run...

As for payload, towing, and interior room,the pathfinders 80-90% as capable:
Nissan Armada Compare - Engines and Performance - MSN Autos
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