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hello everyone...just need a few tips or some help on where to find replacement interior parts for a 2006 frontier SE i'm having trouble finding the roof console and the rear cup holder....much help would be great...thats
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I haven't seen it mentioned as much recently but a while back some people used to recommend this site: Auto Parts Market

Which lets you search parts available from various salvage yards. I've never bought anything through that site.

I think courtesyparts:
CourtesyParts | Genuine OEM Nissan Parts & Accessories
is popular on this forum.

I haven't really compared their prices with local dealer prices as much as I should. But I think once you factor in shipping costs, their cost might be close to just buying it from your local dealer.

If you can get the part number for the items that you're looking for, you may be able to plug it into Amazon to see if it comes up. You have to be careful because sometimes a bunch of third party results will come up. But for something like cup holders that might not matter as much.
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