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parts from total

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one black tail gate one small scratch
calmine prerunner bumper never monted black
radflo 2.5 for titan swap i think they need to be rebuilt

make me an offer no reasonable offer will be refused
ill add pics later
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When did the truck get totaled? Hope you can still get an xterra like you planned. Did the prg uppers survive?

Good luck with the sale
the first big storm that came through i hydroplained in to a ditch with about 4 feet of water in it thats all that survived

i got a titan 4x2 im prerunnerring(if thats a word) it out

whats your area code ill se how much it will cost to ship and its half way rapped ill take some pics
Sorry to hear that, but good job on the titan.
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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