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I am the proud new owner of a 2007 Frontier Nismo. I have searched the forums for this question but haven't found anything. I got a good deal on the truck knowing that the rear axle seals needed replacing. My mechanic looked at it today and the leak has destroyed the parking brake. The backing plate has a lot of rust and needs replacing too. He says the only other part we need is a "hardware kit".

He is fine with me ordering all the parts from Courtesy Nissan myself so we don't have to pay the stealership prices in town.

He has requested the following: new backing plate, parking brake shoes, and a hardware kit.

Courtesy's website (BRAKE COMPONENTS for 2007 Nissan Frontier) lists a set of rear parking brake shoes (#6) for $49 and each backing plate (#7) for $76. They list the entire parking brake "assembly" (#5) for $388 PER SIDE! So basically they want $288 for just the springs and other small hardware?? I showed this to my mechanic and he said it made no sense to him. The assembly part is listed by Nissan as:
Part Number: 44000EA08B
Rear Left, Rear Right; Incl.Backing Plate,Shoes,Hardware

Has anyone ever dealt with replacing the full parking brake? My mechanic says we should be able to just order a "hardware kit". Does the assembly include more than what the details indicate? Is there another part number for just the hardware?

Thanks in advance guys!
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