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P0507 after cleaning the throttle...

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Help. I changed my spark plugs this Saturday and had to remove the intake tube to the throttle body. While the tube was out, I thought, hey why not take a clean rag with a bit of carb cleaning fluid and wipe the TB butterfly clean. I did that and wiped off some gunk. Now, two days later, I got the P0507 error code.

Does anyone know how to perform the idle reset for an 2007 Frontier SE V6? Thanks in advance.
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I had to have the stealership do it with their handheld but Im sure there is a backway. I also didnt tell them that I cleaned the throttle plate and they did it under warranty.
P0507 Idle Control System RPM Higher Than Expected
I dont have the diagram for the vehicle but when you move the plate it affects the TPS setting for idle position or something like that. I havent touched mine since battery disconnected or not.
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