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P0507 after cleaning the throttle...

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Help. I changed my spark plugs this Saturday and had to remove the intake tube to the throttle body. While the tube was out, I thought, hey why not take a clean rag with a bit of carb cleaning fluid and wipe the TB butterfly clean. I did that and wiped off some gunk. Now, two days later, I got the P0507 error code.

Does anyone know how to perform the idle reset for an 2007 Frontier SE V6? Thanks in advance.
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If you want to cleanthe throttle plate, theres a safe way. Turn the key on, engine off. Set e brake and put it in gear(both auto or manual) then have some one press the gas pedal to the floor and hold it down. The butterfly will open right up. Clean away, but be very gentle. Also, dont use carb cleaner, use throttle body cleaner, much more gentle. You may have to reset the idle after cleaning if it was really gunked up.
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