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I have a 2006 Frontier V6 auto with 36,500 miles on it. I got the P0463 code and it is listed on my reader twice as "Fuel Level Sensor". I have noticed that when I fill up my gas tank it takes atleast 50 miles of driving for the fuel gauge to creep back up to full. And also, there are times that when the fuel level is around 1/4 tank, it will suddenly drop below empty and the idiot light comes on for days even though there is plenty of gas in the tank.

I have read up on the forums and can see this is a common problem. I have an appointment at the dealer after Christmas to get it fixed, but I was wondering if anyone knows whether or not my extended warranty will cover the repair bill. I have the Pre-Owned Preferred Plus extended warranty until 100,000 miles. I dont want to pay the dealer $105 to diagnose whether or not it will be covered only to find out I have to fork out the repair bill. I could just fix it myself if that was the case and not lose the $105.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks.
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