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I've got a 2016 King Cab SV 4x4, purchased new in March '17, now has a bit over 11k miles. Was driving the other day and the CEL popped on - read the code and got a P0448 - something like evap vent control valve error. I reset the code, but it came back on within about 5 miles of driving. Also noticed when I'd remove the gas cap, there would be a sucking/vacuum. I repeated this cycle a couple more times, then decided it was time to go to the dealer.

By the way, I live in upstate NY, where it has been extremely cold the last couple weeks.

Anyway, the technician found the vent tube from the filler neck to the vent control was frozen solid, full of ice - so there was no venting going on. They found there was a service bulletin on the problem, and that several parts had been redesigned to fix it - they ended up replacing the tank filler neck, vent tube, vent control valve and a couple other things. All under warranty, of course.

I just pass this along in case anybody has a similar problem. Living in warmer climates, you'd probably never see it. Also if we hadn't such a sustained cold weather period where it never got a chance to thaw, I maybe wouldn't have had it either. But in any case, it's been fine since they repaired it.

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