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Hello I recently had a problem with my 01 Pathfinder with a 3.5L motor in it. I also buy and sell many fronty's so I often check this forum for CEL codes and could not find this one here. Truck would not go very much when I would try to drive or when I would try to rev. it up. The max RPM's were around 2,000 rpm's. CEL was on and I read the code = P0100. The first thing to try is cleaning it with a special non abrasive cleaner just made to clean MAF sensors. Spray the cleaner on the two silver lines towards the bottom of the sensor. One of them hides from you. Replace it and if it still does not run well as discribed above then you will need to replace it. I resolved this problem by replacing the MAF/VAF mass air flow sensor that is on the air filter neck/large hose. The part at Nissan for the 01 Pathfinder is about $561.00. You can get the same part for a 01 Maxima for about $103.00. This maxima part works just fine with the pathfinder motor. Part number from Nissan: 22680-2Y001. I figured all of you Nissan guru's would want to save over $400 with this information.

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